Study abroad programs

Through our three branches in Mongolia we do the placements of many young people's bright future. Nearly 130 students were placed in 2008 to different foreign intitutions around the world. The most popular destinations were USA, China, India, Korea, Japan and Europe.

For high school program, we are dealing with US, German and Japanese organizations, but also we place high school students to UK, India and China in good numbers of students.
For degree programs we would co-operate with any good institutions in Asia, Europe and USA.
The main interest of Mongolian young generation is to learn foreign languages well and then they would join to degree courses abroad. We are most welcoming to co-operate the degree course offering institutions.

We offer great opportunities to the young Mongolians

  • High School Exchange Programs J1 and F1
  • Pre-University Courses
  • Degree and Vocational Courses
  • M.A, PhD, Dr's Degree Courses
  • Language Training abroad
  • Governmental or international Scholarships
  • Language preparation course in Mongolia

English centre of MNYEA

We prepare the students in our centre for their future host country by teaching English, German and other languages and giving them orientation seminars. It always helps to become a real expectation of their program in host country. Mostly our students are going abroad with basics of good command of English. Our centre has 4 full time local english teacheers and 3 native speaking foreign teachers.

Scholarship program for students to US colleges and universities

Our new project "Scholarship USA 2009" will be announced very soon, just in 1 month!