Sports programs

Sports coaching for Mongolian school children

Mongolian school children are full of energy and willing to do sports. If you good at any kind of sports and have interest to help others to enjoy their sport's lesson, then come to Mongolia. You can combine your sport coaching program with English teaching.

What sport is to teach for Mongolian school children?†

Since the Mongolians are really good learners, you have freedom on coaching whather you can teach. Well, Very popular sports among the students are football, tennis, wrestling, athletics, gymnastics and basketball.

Activities:††† †

-††† †You can learn Mongolian traditional sports such as wrestling, archery and horse, camel racing.
-†††† Organize the sports competitions among the students
-†††† Teaching English or German language on coaching.

You can learn some Mongolian language and some Mongolian scripts during the program for free.
See arts or sports activities and festivals such as Naadam festival in google...

Program length: 2 weeks to 1 year
Things to bring: †Donít forget to bring your sport cloths and other items which will be used to coaching.
Location: †† Ulaanbaatar, Erdenet and Darkhan city where our branch offices locate.
Accommodation:† † You have 3 main options for your accommodation.
  1. You can stay in Mongolian family free if you teach them for 6 hours a week German or English.
2. Hostels, hotels or guest houses, daily rate 5$ an apartment, monthly rates are 250-500$
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