Community development programs

Community work with young children

You can participate in the implementation and research process of orphan project with local NGO’s while you participate in this program.
You will be placed in kindergartens, schools, orphan projects and hospitals. While you participate in community development rennovation work, you could do painting, decoration, gardening and do help on recreational events for schools classes and hospital rooms.
Lend you hand for children goodness.  You can not only work with normal children in the school and kindergartens, you could work with children with special needs such as hospitalized children and poor family children.


Organize your own activity for children
Renovation of the schools, orphan hospitals
Arts and sports competitions among the children
Teaching English or German language
See arts or sports activities and festivals with children

Program length:    2 weeks to 1 year
Location:                 Ulaanbaatar city and Erdenet city
Accommodation:  You have 3 main options for your accommodation.

1. You can stay in Mongolian family free if you teach them for 6 hours a week German or English.
2. Hostels, hotels or guest houses, daily rate 5$ an apartment, monthly rates are 250-500$

When to come?
We are offering you flexible arrival dates for our volunteer works. You can arrange your arrival date with our staffs.