Building programs

Building Mongolian Traditional Yurt “The Ger"

Unique “Mongol Ger”

Mongolians are one of the last and largest nomadic community in the world. The Mongolians move over whole year followed by their livestock through Mongolian wide steps.  Then how can they solve their housing during the movements? Mongolians had the perfect solution for this issue. Thousands of years ago, ancient Mongolians designed and began to use the Mongolian traditional Yurt “Ger” and it has come through time as its origin.  You can assemble it in an hour and carry whole your Ger on the back of camels.

“The Ger” has following strengths than other housings:

  • Ingenious portable circular structure whose design dates back 1000’s of years
  • Strong – lasts a lifetime
  • Easily assembled and disassembled
  • Easily moved
  • No permanent damage to the ground where it is built
  • Simple and sophisticated, beautiful as well as functional
  • Easy to heat and keep cool
  • Made from environmentally friendly materials
  • Secure, warm and comfortable
  • Self supporting -  wooden skeleton uses tension and compression to maximize rigidity without nails or stakes
  • The experience of free living
Outside view of the “Ger”    
          Inside view of the “Ger”  
   Building the “Ger”

                              Now it is your opportunity to build your “Ger”.

    Building Mongolian Ger project is one of the best things to do for experience Mongolian culture and tradition.As promised, while building your Ger you will have great fun. Mongolian Ger’s structure is unique and you will found out what a great creature by ancient nomads. If you wish you can even buy your own Ger and take it to your home and show your friends and family.

    1. ou can learn some Mongolian language and some Mongolian scripts
    2. See arts or sports activities and festivals
    3. Visiting local peoples “Gers”
    4. Watching the process of making the Ger and take a part in making its components

Program length:     2 weeks to 4 weeks
Location:                  Ulaanbaatar city and Erdenet city
Accommodation:   You have 3 main options for your accommodation.

            1. You can stay in Mongolian family free if you teach them for 6 hours a week German or English.
            2. Hostels, hotels or guest houses
            3. rent an apartment