- Providing experience that will encourage international an intercultural understanding -Providing challenging intercultural learning experience for young Mongolians
vote Work and Travel program/ Summer Camp counselor in USA:
We are the nation wide youth organization with two branches in Erdenet and Darkhan city; it helps us to recruit more than one hundred potential candidates for Camp counselor and Work and Travel USA programs.

Director's Message

With only a short history of 9 years, we are proud to be among the Mongolia’s best dynamic youth exchange and study consulting agency, consistently placed high school students, degree students and au pairs to abroad by leading the education abroad programs from Mongolia.

vote Volunteering:
We would love to welcome young people from all over the world to the unique volunteering and traveling programs to Mongolia.

Our mission is to meet challenges of highly globalized, knowledge-driven 21st century; we are committed to promoting the Mongolian young generation’s development. This is achieved only through programs such as the variety of youth exchange programs. What we do with Mongolian students provides a precious opportunity for young generation to experience the world and appreciate other cultures.

And we continue to grow and develop, creating new co-operations with leading foreign education providers and experienced organizations world widely. We are proud to be pioneers on new programs like Work & Travel, Camp counselor and aupairing to USA and other new career development, trainee, internship and scholarship projects.



vote Aupair program:
MNYEA is the biggest Aupair agency in Mongolia and it has 9 years working experience with European & US Aupair agencies.
vote Study abroad & Scholarship programs:
We recruit students from Mongolia to many universities, colleges and high schools all over the world. The 2009 is the year for US scholarship programs...
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You can meet us during every education expo in Mongolia, and watch our TV programs on MagicTV every Monday Wednesday and Friday at 8 PM...
About us
We are
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We welcome you to new programs and more ...
Mongolian National Youth Exchange Agency's goals
- Providing experience that will encourage international and intercultural understanding
- Providing challenging intercultural learning experience for young Mongolians.
We are great opportunities the young Mongolias:
- High school exchange J1, F1
- Pre-university courses
- Degree and vocational courses
- M.A, Ph.D,Dr's degree courses
- Language training
- Au Pair stay WAT and Camp counselor
We are Mongolian National Youth Exchange Agency, which is
• An expert in the international youth exchange programmes with 9 years of experience
• A sponsor of long and short term exchange programmes
• A provider of volunteers and participants with be necessary internships,
projects and home stays
• A sponsoring agency of Au Pairs from Mongolia to USA and European countries
• A supportive agency of Mongolian prospective student by honoring scholarships for study abroad.
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Our native speaking teachers're advising how to learn languages well...
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The MNYEA is going to become a member of International Organisation IAPA!
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